To help every patient who walks through our facility feel comfortable, safe, and truly cared for.

  • Patients are respected, and treated with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

  • To go beyond just the medicine of marijuana and provide our patients with physical, spiritual, and emotional support.

  • To provide a place that a sick elderly person can feel supported.

  • To uphold and honor the state laws of California.

  • To provide a safe and clean environment.

  • To get involved in our local community through education and philanthropy work.

  • To provide the highest quality medicine to our patients. 



             The origin of Roots and Budz starts with one individual, SK, who came to the United States through a refugee camp from Thailand fleeing from Cambodia. As the oldest of three kids, SK was already in the context of vision. He was aware that there was more out there for him, even though he didn’t know what that was yet. His grounding has always been “family” and that word extended to friends as well, but more importantly, community. 

             SK spent his younger years in the San Fernando valley, learning the language from unfamiliar faces. Like most, this was a very trying time to understand all the different cultures and embracing your own far from home. SK took the time to build relationships with all those that taught him in school and continued to crave more. As time passed on, a lot of different life lessons also appeared. After high school, SK knew that work was a priority and that there would be no excuse that everyone had to contribute. Eventually bringing him to Cannabis. 

             Starting as a consumer to support the locals, he knew that there was more to this. Therefore, cultivation in his apartment came next. He was so mesmerized by the plant itself. The idea that “money doesn’t grow on trees” has now been proven to him as a possibility and that this was a game changer. Learning and educating himself about the plant and all its effects became a personal passion. Not just for its recreational benefits but seeing it first hand as a form of relief for his family and friends. The joy he felt knowing that he was the source of healing and health for loved ones became a vision. The integrity that continued to make sure that his family got the cleanest and highest quality of flower was a personal commitment. 

             The next chapter came with his wife JK. Their relationship started like any others, but what made it special is that they were willing to make the other person's goals their own. They dated for many years and soon after they began working together and built many companies and were very successful. Still something was missing and after trial and tribulations they decided to get aligned to one goal that they shared the same passion for and then worked endlessly to make their dream come true. As their family grew with triplets, their extended family business turned into reality. Going back to basics and the grounding that was both part of their characters. Employing friends, family, and working with the community the seeds of Roots & Budz were planted into the foundation of the San Fernando Valley area. Best part of this journey for them has always been loving what they do for work at a place they love to be.